Without water life would be pretty dry

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Recommended Watering Times

Both over-watering and under- watering can harm your lawn. Check your watering times by looking at Thornton's recommended watering guide. Click here to get the guide.

watering guide

Free Water-Wise Classes

Don't miss out on these FREE Water-Wise Landscape Classes click here for more info.

Commercial Water Audits

Thornton is offering a limited amount of free commericial water audits. For details and eligibility click here.

Free Indoor Water Check-up

The City works together with the Center for ReSource Conservation to provide residential indoor water check-ups to City of Thornton water customers. Click here to find out more.

Irrigation Controller Rebates

You have a smart phone, why not upgrade to a smart irrigation controller? Thornton is pleased to offer a rebate program for WaterSense Irrigation Controllers. Click here for rebate details.

Conservation Plan

Click here to view the City of Thornton Water Conservation Plan
Click here to view the Conservation Plan Appendix

The Save the Water Web site is an ongoing effort of the City of Thornton Water Resources Division

watering guide